Friday, April 23, 2010

Elliott Pettit’s Tennis Tips – 4/23/10 Don't Fight the Power!

Hello Tennis Fans:

For those of you who hit a two-handed backhand, I'm sure you are familiar with swinging what feels like as hard as you can and sometimes seeing the ball come off the strings with no real pace or spin at all. What has a tendency to happen to everyone aside from Rafael Nadal, is that your dominant arm tries to steer your racquet through the zone while your non-dominant arm also tries to take the lead; the results are disappointing. Instead of using your two arms and having them work harmoniously through the stroke, increasing your power as they team up, what happens is they end up fighting each other and effectively cancelling each other out.

For you to hit your two-handed backhand as sweet and as pure as you possibly can, you must make your dominant arm back off and let the non-dominant arm take over. If you are right handed, this means that your right hand is no longer dictating where the racquet goes through the zone, it is now along for guidance as the left arm powers the racquet up and through the ball. With the right arm now playing more of a supporting role, you are now free to swing faster and more through the ball than you were before.

Please post your thoughts and have a good weekend!

Elliott Pettit

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