Saturday, February 13, 2010

Arrival in Dubai

Hello Everyone,

As promised I am updating you all as we have now finally arrived in Dubai. We were met by 8 bodyguards outside the gate who ten joined forces with another four. They have been rotated since we arrived so I guess there is probably around 20 plus assigned to us…Barrack Obama eat your heart out…

I must admit that I felt like James Bond and not a coach on the women’s tour. Our passports were taken and our bags collected as we took a back route out of the airport. Then we were handed our passports and bags and taken to the convoy of vehicles that were waiting for us with more people.

We each went to our different hotels and then met at the club at the specific court that Shahar can play on and practice. I hope you understand that for security reasons I cant give you much info or detail, as I would be putting the whole operation at risk.

Dubai of course looks better each time I am here, and though they are supposed to be broke business seems to continue as usual. The weather was nice with around 28 degrees when we landed and this evening is probably around 23 or 24 with a slight breeze. Is amazing how you can climb on a plane where it is -16 degrees and get out five hours later where is 28 degrees…

The practice was good. We used it to touch up a few things that Shahar needed to work on and then she went to her hotel and I went into the players area to take care of some practical things like booking practice tomorrow and finding someone to practice with.

Is amazing how many changes a player goes through as the weeks go by. One has to be ready to adapt and adapt so quickly. I guess is the sign of the times not just for tennis but also for all concerned. Having said this the basic principles remains intact throughout the ages and it is through doing these that the consistency and ability to change successfully comes.

We don’t have a match tomorrow so we will be practicing twice. I look forward to training once again with 8 bodyguards around us.

Have a great day.
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