Monday, April 19, 2010

Elliott Pettit’s Tennis Tips – 4/19/10 Squeeze and Freeze!

Hello Tennis Fans:

For some people, volleys are the single most frustrating shot in the game. Players who struggle with volleys loathe coming to the net because to them it does not represent an easy way to win the point, but rather a humiliating way to lose it. The most common mistake I see in volleys at the club level is a player trying to do too much; taking the racquet back, chopping the racquet downward and finishing at the ankles is more than likely going to increase your chances of missing the volley than making it.

Instead of all the unnecessary movement, try this; "Squeeze and Freeze." From the moment you make contact with the ball your mind should be on two things only: squeezing the grip and freezing the arm. The squeezing of the grip is going to ensure that your contact is solid and you get depth and power to the shot and the freezing of the arm is going to prevent your racquet head from dropping below the level of the net causing a loss of control on the volley.

Watch any of the best volleyers in the world, the one thing you will notice that's common to all of them is just how little they move their racquet when volleying. It's no surprise or secret, you can have the same great volley just by following the simple rule of "Squeeze and Freeze."

Thanks and see you for Tuesday's lesson!

Elliott Pettit

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