Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Elliott Pettit’s Tennis Tips – 4/14/10 Stuck in the Middle with You!

Hello Tennis Fans:

Whether your forehand is your best shot or not, you should always take a ball that comes up the middle on your forehand side. The reason being is that the angles you can create from a forehand up the middle are greater and can be hit with more regularity on the forehand side than on the backhand side due to your range of motion.

The next time you are out practicing, work on getting around a ball up the middle that you would normally take on the backhand side and try to open up the court by hitting your forehand. If the success isn't immediate, don't worry, this strategy will pay off in the long run!

Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks and see you for tomorrow’s lesson!

Elliott Pettit

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