Tuesday, April 13, 2010

iTUSA Tennis Elliott Pettit’s Tennis Tips – 4/13/10 Get some spin on that serve!

Get some spin on that serve! In order to hit using side-spin, you should not be plowing straight through the ball, but instead you should be hitting it with a little bit of a glancing blow. Change your swing in such a way that your racket face is going to move slightly up and then... across the line of flight that you're intending for the ball. If you were to pretend that there is a face on your ball, in order to get maximum side-spin, you need to swing to try and slice its left ear off.

With practice, you can learn to vary what degree you swing at up and across the ball, and then you will be able to vary the amount of spin that you place on the ball as a result. This side-spin serve is very important as it allows you to open up the court from the very first shot which helps you to take advantage of angles that were previously unavailable to you.

Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks and see you for tomorrow’s lesson!
Elliott Pettit

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