Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gaining momentum… - January 21, 2010

Hello and welcome.

I am very pleased to tell you that once again yesterday we had a very positive day.

Shahar won both her second round singles and her first round doubles. Her singles was played first against a player called Pironkova from Bulgaria. It is amazing how deceiving sometimes a ranking in the women’s game can be. This girl has very good victories over top ten players like Azarenka. She has very powerful backhand and forehand which wont hurt you but will definitely invite you to get yourself in some deep waters if you are unable to deal with the kid of ball she gives you.

Pironkova used a shot that more girls are using these days and that shot is the slice. The slice is a very good tempo changer but also can be used to defend when under pressure. We have been working with Shahar on this shot quite a bit during our last pre season and of course continue to do so whilst on the road.

To develop and train this shot I have been using several of the video library drills that you can find here on the ITUSA tennis .com site. They have been particularly useful in helping me to build a realistic progression for Shahar that has every time challenged her a bit more in order to help her make her slice the shot that it is today.

She won in straight sets, which was very nice and now faces the number 5 seed next round. We have played Carolina Wozniacki a few times, with Shahar having to retire the last time with a broken toe. I believe that the match will be an interesting one if Shahar can apply the necessary tactic and sustain her emotional composure throughout the match. If she can do this then she has a very good chance of going through though it will a very tough test to pass.

The doubles was also a straight sets victory and today they face last years Masters winners. Again it will be a tough test for both Shahar and Galina and all that I am hoping is that weather win or loose, that Shahars tennis will win when the match has finished.

I will explain a bit more what I mean by “her tennis winning” tomorrow.

Have a blessed day.

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