Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rod Laver Arena Here We Come!... - January 22, 2010

Hello everyone from a cloudy Melbourne.

Still as I promised you yesterday I will explain what I meant by a players tennis winning though they loose the match. Yesterday was a perfect example of this. I asked Shahar to go out there and practice and put into play exactly what we had been working on. To take her chances and take risks and look to win like this. This she did but unfortunately her opponent did not do this but instead chose to be careful and try and protect what they had been able to gain up until that point and because of this missed some very easy shots.

You see I am a great believer that “destiny favours the bold” I believe if a tennis player goes out there and plays like she trains and does not allow the nerves to dictate and cause her to push the ball and compromise her strokes in order to keep the ball in the court then though she might loose her tennis would have made another positive move forward. Taking risks can be scary especially when you are playing a close match and you have fought for hours and you are one point away with your opponent just behind you. Every player will be tempted to push and be careful. The great ones will hit and hit it harder and take their chances, hence why they are great and things tend to go their way.

In life we take risks every day from the moment we step out of bed, so is in the tennis court. I encourage my players to enjoy taking risks, to enjoy when they hit that down the line that there is a chance to miss it but there is also a chance to make it. If they cant do this then more than likely when it really matters they will miss.

Tonight we play Carolina Wozniacki on the big stage. Shahar needs to come out looking to play in a particular way otherwise it will be very difficult to beat Carolina. Having said this come what may, I want to see Shahars tennis win and not loose even if the result does not go our way this time.

I hope you guys can tune in wherever you are in the world and watch her in action.

Have a great day!

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