Thursday, February 11, 2010

We were ready but… - January 19, 2010

Hello everyone,

I was hoping today to tell you about the day of our first match here in Melbourne but unfortunately due to the inclement weather that took place here yesterday we were informed last night at midnight that our match had been cancelled.

We were of course disappointed, as we have been looking forward to this match since we arrived in this part of the world back at the end of December 09.

I had to improvised this morning very early what to do and thankfully I know of a male hitter here in Melbourne that was able to fit into both of our practices today. We played already this morning for an hour and worked on specific tactics that we will be using tomorrow against the player we are playing against.

I visited the ITUSAtennis site to pick up a few drills and ideas to help me piece together the practices and I must say that I continue to be impressed each time on how fast the site is developing and the amazing cutting edge technology it boasts.

I remember when I was learning to play tennis and even when I was playing competitively, how different tennis would be if we would have been able to tap into the kind of tools that this web site offers to everyone who wishes to improve their game.

Shahar is with her psychologist as I am writing this making the most of his presence here at the tournament as he does not come with us all the time but is only able to visit a few tournaments a year. We will then have one more practice and then she will work with her physical trainer on some last things before we go back to the hotel to rest and prepare for tomorrow.

I am pretty sure we will be playing first so we will have an early night and wake up at least three hours before the match so that her body will be fully awake once she steps into the court.

I hope to be able to write about a victory tomorrow and share with you how well the tactical plan worked and that our 2010 campaign in this Grand Slam began with the right foot in front.

See you tomorrow.

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